Diamond Secure Encrypted Communications

The strongest mobile encryption available


Diamond Secure combines encryption with anti-surveillance technology to give you the secure mobile device your privacy requires.

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We guarantee your privacy

Diamond Secure is a provider of encrypted communications solutions that guarantee the security and anonymity of user messages. We implement cutting-edge cryptography with attention to detail, leaving no attack vector unaddressed.

Server-side security

We rely on proprietary servers to facilitate communications. We keep no copies of user messages or encryption keys.

Untraceable devices

Diamond Secure has all location tracking features rooted out of the device OS. It cannot be localized with silent SMS as well.

No wiretapping

The device has multiple security layers that secure all communication channels against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Simple, Reliable, and Vulnerability-Free

Let’s partner for success

Diamond Secure offers reseller partners a chance to position themselves at the forefront of the fast-expanding market for mobile communication security. Our partner program is designed to enable your business growth and success.

Offer a superior product

Diamond Secure’s product is unrivaled on the market in terms of innovation, reliability, and the completeness of the security solution it offers.

Rely on 24/7 expert support

Our team of trained experts provides our partners with round-the-clock after-sale support via a ticketing system or over email, phone, and VoIP.

Receive marketing help

We empower our partners to make a better sales pitch and close deals by providing product knowledge and marketing support.

Achieve good profit margins

We make sure our partners achieve good profit margins by supplying them with stock at low prices and offering discounts.

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